Valley County and Cascade Centennial Celebrations

By January 11, 2017Events

Happy Birthday City of Cascade and Valley County! Several events and activities will occur throughout the year in celebration of 100 years of history and culture that makes this such a great place to live! Don’t miss the City of Cascade celebration on July 17, 2017! Take a look at the official Centennial Magazine.

BBQ in the Park – City of Cascade Celebrating 100 Years – July 17, 2017 at Armstrong Park. Come and enjoy an afternoon of Good ole Fun!
An afternoon of fun for the whole family…
  • 100 year-old family games
  • Music
  • BBQ in the park
  • Eating a piece of a 100’ cake
  • Reading of the congressional record
  • Words from a State speaker
  • Costume contest
  • Reading of historical snippets of Cascade’s past by “Old Father Cascade”
  • Unveiling of the Centennial Memorial
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