Cascade Education

Growing up in Cascade

resources_education_mccall_science_schoolCascade takes the education of their youth very seriously, and as a result students in the local school districts consistently exceed national testing averages. Five public school districts serve the region with one preschool, one elementary school, one middle school, one high school, one alternative high school and one school serving kindergarten through 12th grade. All schools are dedicated to providing their patrons with an enjoyable and enriching educational experience, and the high schools also offer strong athletic programs and extracurricular activities.

In the broadest sense, education is a life-long process that can benefit all aspects of our lives. The region has a great deal to offer, with instruction in many forms of recreation and the opportunity to educate oneself in the intimate knowledge of the land, using the many resources offered by the staff of the National Forests.

The Cascade School District


The mission of Cascade School District is to inspire its students to reach their maximum potential, become lifelong learners, and be contributing, responsible citizens. The district sees education as a partnership between students, parents, educators and the community.

Cascade Elementary School

Serving grades preschool through sixth grade with one classroom per grade level, Cascade Elementary School is a public primary school in Cascade with 155 students. A ratio of one teacher for every 19 students makes both teaching and learning easier.

Cascade Junior/Senior High School

Students in the Cascade area can attend public school at Cascade Junior/Senior High School from grades seventh to twelfth. Over 130 students attend the school with a teacher/student ratio of one teacher for every nine students.

Area School Contact Info

  • Cascade: 630-6057

Public Schools


Cascade Elementary School: 630-6057
Cascade Junior/Senior High School: 630-6057