Past Event: Idaho Free Trappers 36th Annual Backwoods Rendezvous

IdahoFreeTrappers2019aThe 36th Annual Backwoods Rendezvous with the Idaho Free Trappers will commence on June 13th-16th, at the 2019 Kennedy Ranch in Cascade, Idaho!
The Idaho Free Trappers is a group of individuals who are dedicated to the preservation of the way of life of the pre–1840’s, preserving and re-enacting the way of life of buckskinners, fur trappers, traders, and Native Americans. As re-enactors of the period, they are constantly striving to be as authentic, realistic and true to the spirit of the distinct period within American History. Some activities that participants will enjoy are a bottle cap throw, knife & hawk throw, ladies shoot, novelty era shoots, pee-wee activities, and potluck supper.
The Idaho Free Trappers, LTD. is a family orientated group who encourages all who are interested in participating to attend. To find out more information, contact Bill or Debbie Uhl at or visit their website at