Place to Visit: Warm Lake Lodge

By June 19, 2020Events
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For our 2020 season we will have 7 cabins available! 

At Warm Lake Lodge we offer options for lodging, depending on your family size and budget. We promise to provide a comfortable, rustic, and clean place during your stay. Enjoy spectacular views of Warm Lake and the Boise National Forest in every accommodation. You’re sure to find Warm Lake Lodge offers a unique lodging experience.

We do offer limited wireless internet access, but we are hoping you can forget about all that for a few days and enjoy the scenic views and close proximity to outdoor activities. Although we have been tempted from time-to-time to place televisions and alarm clocks in the rooms, we have resisted. In the end our guests always thank us for providing accommodations that offer a chance to remain unplugged for their stay while at Warm Lake.

Warm Lake Lodge